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Fish oil can cause blood to thin, so if teens are on an anti-coagulant like coumadin or have a bleeding disorder, they should not take fish oil. If using any kind of adhd medication, talk to a doctor before starting a teenager on fish oil.   although you should always check with your pediatrician before offering your child any type of dietary supplement, omega-3s in purified fish oil may be beneficial for teens. Docosahexaenoic acid, or dha, and eicosapentaenoic acid, or epa, are two omega-3 fatty acids abundant in fish oil, and key components of normal childhood development. For rheumatoid arthritis (ra) 10 grams of fish oil daily for 6 months, or fish oil containing 0. 0 grams of dha, sometimes along with vitamin e 15 iu, daily for up to.   should you take omega-3 supplements? The answer depends on who you ask. Here is what i tell my patients about omega-3 supplements if there is a benefit to low-dose (1 gram per day) fish oil supplements, it is likely small. A better way to get omega-3 fatty acids is to eat fatty fish such as sardines, herring, albacore tuna, and salmon, among. You must get omega-3s from your diet, as your body cannot make them.   the current recommendation is that we should all eat two portions of fish a week, one of which should be oily. Good sources are mackerel, tuna (fresh), trout, herring, sardines and salmon.   if we could absolutely, positively say that the benefits of eating seafood comes entirely from omega-3 fats, then downing fish oil pills would be an alternative to eating fish. But its more than likely that you need the entire orchestra of fish fats, vitamins, minerals, and supporting molecules, rather than the lone notes of epa and dha.   if youre already taking fish oil at a recommended over-the-counter dose, and youre doing well on it, theres no research that says you should stop. For over a decade, fish oil has been touted by doctors, nutritionists, and armchair health enthusiasts alike as a near cure-all for health. Whether you have heart disease, depression, diabetes, or joint or skin problems, or you just want to stay healthy and prevent nutrient deficiencies, somebody has probably told you to take a fish oil supplement.

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