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  a normal sperm count is between 15 million to more than 200 million sperm in each milliliter (ml) of semen. Your doctor will diagnose you with a low sperm count if you have less than 15 million. Poor ejaculation or low semen volume has many causes at least partly because ejaculation is actually several processes that all happen at about the same time and each can be impacted by what you eat, hormone levels, your general health and other factors. If you have low ejaculation volume, poor ejaculations or retrograde ejaculations, understanding whats happening and why can leave you.   if youre producing less than a third of a teaspoon of semen you may have underlying health problems. Low semen volume could be a sign of low testosterone or diabetes. Ejaculation worries too little semen research shows that the volume of a mans ejaculate does diminish with age. Weak ejaculation is where the force or amount of a persons ejaculation is less than usual. Read on to find out the causes, symptoms, and how people treat weak ejaculation. In medicine, it is defined as a condition in which a less than normal amount of semen is produced in each ejaculation. Because there is an inadequate amount of fluid to bring the sperm in contact with the cervix, the low semen volume condition can cause fertility problems. The sperm cell remains in a state of decreased metabolic activity until the ejaculation. After ejaculation the sperm cell is activated, as it has to be able to move progressively through female reproductive tract to reach fallopian tubes, where normally fertilization occurs. The reduced sperm motility is connected with the presence of. Hypospermia is a condition in which a man has an unusually low ejaculate (or semen) volume, less than 1. It should not be confused with oligospermia, which means low sperm count. Normal ejaculate when a man is not drained from prior sex and is suitably aroused is around 1. 56 ml, although this varies greatly with mood, physical condition and.

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