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A method for forming a relatively thick semi-impervious crust on soil to inhibit erosion thereof comprising the steps of applying an aqueous composition to soil surface and allowing the composition to cure in the treated soil surface. Sodium silicate is known as liquid glass for good reason when the water it is dissolved in evaporates away, the sodium silicate bonds into a solid sheet of glass. Heat tempering makes the silicate patch harder, but the solution can still be used for fireproofing wood and stain-proofing concrete if applied and allowed to dry at room temperature.   sodium silicate uses in this video, we show the amazing uses of sodium silicate water glass in industrial to our daily life. It is also known as liquid glass and is used as a concrete sealer, a. Preparation of in situ silica filled natural rubber by sol-gel reaction of sodium silicate in natural rubber latex april 17. 2018 - a new aproach for preparing silica filled nr was investigated. Solid precipitated from sodium silicate solution composed of silica as a major component (75-85). Sodium silicate adhesives in the manufacture of corrugated fiber board is now fairly satisfactorily understood (14). From 16 to 30 pounds of silicate are commonly used per 1000 square feet of fiberboard. Sealing concrete and plaster gypsums concrete treated with artmolds liquid sodium silicate solution helps to significantly reduce porosity in most masonry products including concrete, stucco and plasters. A chemical reaction occurs with the excess ca(oh)2 (portlandite) present in the concrete that permanently binds the silicates with the surface making them far more wearable and water repellent.   the liquid sodium silicate facility will bring the capacity to dissolve about 150 million pounds per year of sodium silicate glass, and allows for potential future expansion with incremental investment, he said.

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