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  put your index fingers on both points and massage the pressure points up to 60 seconds. Massage the acupressure facial beauty point on a regular basis for reducing blemish marks, acne on skin, improvement of bloodskin circulation, skin tone etc. Apply the facial pressure point every day to get all the benefits on your skin.   according to logman and other practitioners, this pressure point has been used in treating symptoms of facial paralysis, toothache, and lockjaw. Pro tip place a few drops of facial oil into palms and inhale for aromatherapy benefits before the pressure point massage. For aginglackluster skin, use geranium, rosewood and orange. For congestedacne breakout-prone skin, try ylang ylang, lavender and cedarwood. For sensitive skin, choose lavender, sandalwood and geranium. This point or rather, area, is located along the ridge of the eyebrow. Its a great pressure point for relieving pressure behind the eyes. The pressure point located a centimeter below the lower ridge of the eye socket will help in reducing blemishes. Place your index fingers and press this point for at least 60 seconds.   pressure point facial massagepressure point for glowing, tightening,youth full skinfacial massage - duration 904. Com dr serene lim is an australian cosmetic and complementary gp who specialises in natural rejuvenation. Move downwards from your earlobe and reach below your jaw bones. Put pressure on the point for a few minutes and you will see a younger and glowing you in a few days. 5) heavenly pillar point acupressure heavenly pillar point is a stress-relieving point.   pressure point facial massage can minimize fine lines, while boosting your energy & balancing your body as whole, and improving your charka flows. Make an appointment at day spa specializing facial massage or learn how to give yourself a pressure point facial massage. Dont forget to diligently wash your hands with soap and water before you.   facial pressure, especially behind the eyes can be caused by different types of sinusitis. The most common cause for facial tightness and congestion include acute bacterial, chronic, or acute viral sinusitis. Read now for more information on causes and how to relieve pressure in the head.

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