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Still, a betta thats laying on the bottom of the tank does sound alarming.   because this is the most common symptom a betta fish will exhibit when sick, there are several reasons why your fish will lay on the bottom of their tank or act lethargic. Just like every other animal, betta fish can get constipated. Betta fish have very tiny stomachs, and so a lot of times, new fish owners will overfeed their. And lastly, you may see your betta at the bottom of the tank on his side. If you notice this then dont panic right away, because once again there are multiple reasons this could be happening. My betta fish doesnt normally sleep on the bottom of his tank but he is right now and doesnt respond to me lightly tapping the tank or moving it.   betta fish laying on the bottom of the tank breathing heavy is a sign that you cant ignore. In many such cases, its most probably is due to ammonia poisoning. While lying down is normally a sign of a dying or ill fish, some betta fish will simply sit at the bottom of the tank very often. Hi all! My male betta is in a 5 gal tank alone, with a biowheel, carbon filter and a heater. Ive blocked the stream from the filter so he doesnt get bounced around from the current, and i have a guard on the filter in take.   144 laying on the bottom of the tank breathing heavily 217 betta at the bottom of the tank not moving 342 a betta fish at the bottom of the tank upside down 402 betta at the bottom of his tank. Is your betta laying sideways at the bottom of the tank? First, ask yourself if your betta fish has experienced or is experiencing any of the following 1) noticeable lethargy. 3) discoloration (looking pale) 4) flicking against décor or rocks.   it can be scary when your betta fish stops eating especially if they are also acting lethargic. Betta fish are usually fairly active fish, although bettas do take short periods of time when they sleep, nap and rest, it is not normal for betta fish to lay at the bottom of the tank, especially not in the open where they feel exposed. While betta fish do love hiding in display objects, betta fish.

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